Slaying Dragons Module

 In this program, kids learn how to move through their fear and “go for it”. They learn to put failure “in a box” and see it as an opportunity to learn, not as a reflection of who they are. Kids learn the five “I’s” of managing mistakes to replace blame and excuses with responsibility and action. They learn how to mana

5 SKill books included

Overcoming Mistakes – How to Learn From it and Let it Go


Everyone makes mistakes – it’s part of life. In this skill book, kids learn that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. They learn the “Five I’s of managing mistakes” so they know how to learn from the mistake and let it go.

Managing Fear – How to create Courage and bust outside of your comfort zone

 In this skill book kids learn that life is filled with many challenges, but the strongest opponents they may face are the dragons that can flood their mind. Kids learn that dragons are just creations of their mind and that they can use the five steps for moving through fear to feel the fear and go for it.

Handling change- how to embrace change and thrive

 Kids learn that change is a critical part of life. We cannot create who we want to be by staying where we are. Only by accepting and embracing change can you move forward in your power. Kids learn the three steps for managing change and learn that handling change builds powerful self-confidence as they learn how to handle anything that comes their way 

Conditional Thinking– “If then...when?”


Kids learn that conditional thinking steals our power as we become a victim to our circumstances and limiting beliefs. They learn that happiness comes from within them and is not a condition of what they have or don’t have 

moving past failure- how to "put it in a box" and keep on goin'

Kids learn that failure is just an event and not who you are. They learn that failure is only a failure if you fail to learn from it and allow it to keep you from your goals and dreams. Kids learn how to put failure in a “box” so they can learn from it and move forward in their power.