Mind power module

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5 SKill books included

How your mind shapes your world and what you can do to shape your mind

Kids learn that our mind has two parts, conscious mind and

subconscious mind and that our mind it’s controlled by the programs

called belief systems

Power of Possibility

Kids learn more about belief systems and how limiting beliefs create

their comfort zone. They learn that when they live in their comfort

zone, they limit what is possible for themselves. They can overcome

any obstacle, move through fear, handle mistakes and failures, learn

to successfully manage change, and bust outside of their comfort

zone and into their dream zone

Neural pathways

With this skill book, kids learn the secret why we get nervous before

doing something new. They learn how to prepare their brain to

minimize this nervousness and how to prepare their brain to achieve

new goals

POWER shifting

Kids learn about the powerful tool of “power shifting” which enables

them to choose how they experience their is based on the

premise that events are neutral and that we assign meaning to those

events based on how we think about them



RAS is the unique part of our brain that enables us to screen out

“background noise” so that our brain only pays attention to things that

are relevant to us. Our RAS is critical for helping us achieve our

goals. When we tell ourselves what we want through affirmations and

goal setting, our RAS puts our goals on our radar screen and looks

for things that will help us get what we want