mepower module

 In this module, kids learn how to develop soaring self-esteem and powerful self-confidence! With positive self-esteem, children feel good about themselves and trust themselves. With positive self-confidence, children believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their goals.

5 SKill books included

I Love Me!

 How to develop soaring self-esteem In this skill book, children will learn what self-esteem is and how they can develop positive self-esteem. The skill book enables them to assess their current level of self-esteem and provides several exercises to support them in developing positive self-esteem 

I honor Me!

 Honoring your own uniqueness, gifts, and talents is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Remember that your gifts are not “better than” or “less than” anyone else’s gifts. For humans to survive and thrive we need all types of people with all types of gifts. When children see the gift they are to this world, they can accomplish anything!  

Respect- My “Mark” on others

 With powerful self-confidence, children believe in themselves. They are more willing to try new things and to set and achieve goals. They are not stop by obstacle or fear and are less susceptible to peer pressure. With positive self-confidence, children face the world with a belief system of “I can”!  

Self-talk : the secret behind self-esteem

 What we say to ourselves is more important than what anyone else says to us. Using positive, supportive self-talk is one of the most powerful skills for developing soaring self-esteem and powerful self-confidence because the thoughts and words we express to ourselves program both our conscious mind and our subconscious mind to create what we say 

Self - coaching : Conquering ups and downs

 Self-coaching is the process of “checking in” with ourselves to ensure that we are creating what we want to create in our lives. In this skill book kids learn a process for self- coaching throughout their day and learn how to self-coach through common dragons