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About life coaching for kids

BecomingME is a program for kids aged 6-12 based on stories from Adventures in Wisdom. 

The curriculum is divided into 5 programs that teach children 27 powerful mindset skills:

1. MINDPOWER- is the secret behind self-confidence,resileince, happiness and what children achieve I nether lives.

2.INNERPOWER-teach children the values of self-leadership such as responsibility, integrity, respect and self-respect.

3. MEPOWER - teach children to develop solid self-esteem and strong self- confidence that doesn't rise and fall with the ups and downs of life.

4. DREAMPOWER - children learn to create a vision for their lives so they live with intention versus drifting through life.

5. SLAYINGDRAGONS - children learn to manage fear, move past "failure",by putting in a box, learning from it and letting it go; they learn to overcome mistakes, manage and embrace change; break through conditional thinking and go for their dreams.  

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With this program we can help children develop a mindset for  happiness, confidence and success in their lives.

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